Introduction to Loan Against Property (LAP) and Mortgage Loans

Loan Against Property in Coimbatore

In Tamil Nadu, Khannan Finance is a well known business loan company that offers a loan against property in Coimbatore to satisfy your personal and business requirements.

The Loan is available to self-employed individuals, salaried employees, and self-employed professionals. Residential and commercial plots or property can be collateral if you require financial support.

Our experts simplify the loan application process. You can obtain the Loan against residential, land & building, industrial, commercial plots or properties at attractive interest rates.


Mortgage loan in Coimbatore

Khannan Finance is a trustworthy finance service company offering mortgage loan in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. A mortgage loan is financing used to maintain or purchase a property, such as land or other rental properties. You can repay the loan amount to the lenders over a specific period through regular installments divided into interest and principal.

There are two types of mortgage loans: property mortgage loan and another one is mortgage loan against vacant land. It depends on the type of property or asset you mortgage the Loan.

A mortgage loan against vacant land is called a loan against the land, which means you have collateral to acquire a loan against commercial plots and agricultural land. In a home mortgage loan, you can pledge a home instead of land and access the loan.

What is a loan against property in Coimbatore, and how does it work?

Khannan Finance supplies the Loan against property in Coimbatore, which could be an excellent solution for you in Tamil Nadu. Our professional experts provide loans against property for salaried persons, self-employed businessmen, or self-employed professionals.

Our Khannan Finance offers a simple and convenient process for availing of a loan. We provide the maximum loan amount starting from the asset value. You can save more interest on a loan against property than an unsecured loan.

The interest rate can be reduced by half in the longer tenure. Additionally, we provide flexible repayment tenures of up to 12 years. Our interest rate starts from 10% per annum.

Types of properties that can be used as collateral for LAP

In Tamil Nadu, Khannan Finance offers a Loan Against Property in Coimbatore. The Loan requires collateral. Several types of properties can be used as collateral for LAP, including residential properties like homes, flats, and commercial plots of land, as well as commercial properties such as office spaces and shops.

Moreover, industrial properties like factories and warehouses can be considered securities for LAP. Khannan Finance follows professionals in evaluating and accepting these properties as security, assuring the loan guarantee provided to its customers.

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Difference between LAP and mortgage loans

When considering the distinction between (LAP) Loans against property and based mortgage loans in Coimbatore, specifically in, Khannan Finance is the finance service company in Tamil Nadu. It is essential to understand and differentiate the key factors.

The full form of LAP refers to a Loan Against Property, also known as a secured loan. It involves using a property owned by the customer as security. It has the benefits of higher loan amounts and competitive interest rates due to the reduced risk for the lender.

On the other hand, mortgage loans are mainly related to property purchases, where the property itself serves as security until you repay the Loan. Khannan Finance is well-known in the finance sector. It likely provides customized solutions for Loans against property ( the full form of LAP) and mortgage loans. It suggests diverse personalized solutions to fit customers' financial requirements.

How to Apply for a mortgage loan against vacant land?

If you apply for a mortgage loan against vacant land in Coimbatore with Khannan Finance in Tamil Nadu, it is crucial to follow the application process. You can start by collecting all the required documents, such as customers' KYC documents and income statements.

Following, you can contact our professionals. Also, you can discuss the purpose of the loan and the value of your land. And explain your repayment strategies.Additionally, our financial experts may check your financial condition and the market value of your land.

Our professional may also conduct a direct visit to inspect the land. Our company facilitates a hassle-free application process after the mortgage loan against vacant land loan application is approved.

Benefits of taking a loan against property

A loan against property can offer significant benefits when you seek financial assistance.

1) We provide flexible repayment tenure of up to 12 years.

2) Its competitive interest rate starts from 10% per annum.

3) You can obtain the maximum loan amount from the asset value.

4) It facilitates the loan amount for those eligible to acquire LAP, such as residential, commercial, industrial, land, and building.

5) Taking out a Loan against property (the full form of LAP) instead of an unsecured loan can save you more interest percentages.

6) The interest rate can be reduced by half because of its longer repayment tenure.

7) By utilizing the value of your property, you can access substantial funds at lower interest rates compared to personal loans or credit cards.

8) This option allows for long repayment periods, making it suitable for significant expenses such as home renovation, business expansion, or education funding.

9) Moreover, securing a loan against property does not restrict usage, providing flexibility in managing your financial needs effectively.

10) You can confidently take this loan opportunity. You can enjoy the advantages of this financial solution while receiving expert guidance and support from Khannan Finance throughout the process.

Finding a reliable and reputable mortgage loan provider in Coimbatore

When finding a trustworthy and reputed mortgage loan provider in Coimbatore, Khannan Finance is your best choice in Tamil Nadu. For those seeking a mortgage loan, we provide a customized financial solution with professionalism and the integrity of the loan industry. We are a reliable partner for your home financing requirements.

Moreover, we provide personalized service, competitive rates, and transparent transactions. Our reputable financial company prioritizes your financial requirements and gives you the best-customized mortgage for your particular requirements.

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Can you get a 100% loan against the property?

Khannan Finance provides several types of loan options, including a 100% loan against the property. It is a professional finance company that understands the importance of customized financial solutions to satisfy customers' requirements.

Through providing a 100% loan against property, we desire to assist you in achieving your financial objectives. Additionally, we are providing a simplified application process with attractive interest rates.

How to apply for a loan against property without income proof?

If you want to apply for a loan against property without income proof at Khannan Finance in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, you must be prepared to submit alternative forms of documentation to assist your application

1) Ensure you have all property-related documents in order, including ownership deeds and property valuation reports.

2) A good credit score can strengthen your case for approval. Creating a detailed repayment plan and demonstrating the property's market value to the lender is essential.

3) Be ready to showcase any other assets or investments that can act as security.

Following the application process with willingness and professionalism will improve your likelihood of successfully obtaining a loan against property without income proof verification.

Consideration before taking a loan against property income without income proof

When considering taking a loan against property without income proof, especially from a reputable company like Khannan Finance in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, it's essential to consider the consequences carefully.

1) Customized loan amount: The loan amount will be determined depending on the property value you want to collateralize. We evaluate the value of your property, which is based on the current market value. Typically, you can obtain the maximum loan amount from the asset value.

2) Ownership of assets: To smooth application, provide essential property documents.

3) The loan's interest rate: We provide an affordable rate starting from 10% annually.

4) Tax benefits: If you are a salaried person with a loan against property to purchase a new house, you can claim tax deductions. If the loan amount is used for business purposes, you can claim tax benefits.

5) Repayment tenure: One of the critical factors of loans against property features is the extended repayment duration. We can provide flexible repayment tenures of up to 12 years. Because of this longer tenure, the rate of interest is reduced by half.

Therefore, you can consult with Khannan Finance's financial advisors, and we are proceeding with such a significant financial commitment.

Eligibility criteria for Loan Against Property

  • Business Vintage: Minimum 2 years.
  • Applicant age: 18 years – 75 years.
  • CIBIL Score: 700 or higher.
  • Residential, commercial, industrial, land & buildings are eligible for loan against property.
  • Self-employed individuals, Salaried employees, and Self-employed professionals are eligible for loans against property.

Documentation For Loan Against Property

  • Business registration documents & Company KYC.
  • Promoters KYC.
  • The last 12 months of GST returns.
  • The 12 months of bank statements.
  • Last two years IT Returns.

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