Agri Product Finance

Agri based funding provide for agriculture, Horticulture, Irrigation Trading of all agri products, Agri products storage ware house (STOCK), Fertilizers, Imports and Exports of agri products, Agri based manufacturing unit such as

Rice Mills, Oil Mills, Dall Mills, Sugar Factories, Dairy Plant, Tea Plants & Factory, coffee plant and factory, Starch & Fertilizers producers as well as dealers, Spices manufactures, Dairy Farm, Cattle Farm, Poultries and Hatchers, Farm Equipments such as Tractors, harvesting machine, transport vehicles. We also grant loan for vegetables & fruits wholesalers. If you are under any one of this category, contact us now.


  • Term loan for purchasing of cattle fields, poultry, dairy farms and etc
  • Easy and hassle free tractor loan
  • OD/CC facility to traders, processors, transporters, aggregations and etc.
  • Credit facility against agriculture commodities
  • Fast loan sanction and disbursement with minimum documentation
  • Finance based on agriculture commodities
  • Maximum credit limit of 30crore
  • Flexible rate of interest and repayment tenure